Design of fluid power systems

ImpiantiOleodinamiciRVS designs and manufactures customised fluid power systems that are adopted in a wide range of different sectors: industry, mobile, automotive, aeronautics, marine, etc.

The product portfolio of the company also comprises:
• management software
• control programs
• drive and control software


Fluid power industrial applications

Fluid power covers the design and manufacture of systems able to transfer mechanical power using a fluid. These systems are adopted in a wide range of different fields. RVS operates in the following main sectors:

• Cableways: power packs for brake, winch and rope tension control

• Aeronautics: test rigs-benches and oil pressure plants (power of up to 1500 kW)

• Automotive: test rigs, special equipment for production lines, component production machines, oil pressure plants (power of up to 10000 kW)

• Special machinery: presses, heat treatment plants, electroplating systems

• Vehicles: crane trucks, hook-lifts, special vehicles, road sweepers and conversions from internal combustion engine to electric motors equipped with energy recharge system

• Didactics: construction of benches for educational purposes

• Automation: robots and manipulators

• Construction industry: machines for reinforced concrete rods

• Waste: machines for waste compaction, disposal and treatment

• Innovative materials: machines for composite materials

• Plastic moulding machines: special injection machines

• Food industry: production and packaging machines

• Railways: carriage movement control systems, active damping suspension control systems

• Textile industry: carding lines, carbonising, cutting and compacting lines

• Health sector: mini power packs, special cylinders for medical equipment, beds and armchairs.

• Mini hydraulics: mini power packs, mini cylinders and mini motors

• Software: mechanical and fluid power system management and control software

• Filtration and oil transfer carts

• Mini power packs


Power and control: the advantages of fluid power systems

The advantages of fluid power systems comprise a high power density, excellent controllability, fast response and the use of mainly standard components.
Generally, fluid power systems are used to generate, transport and exploit hydraulic power: RVS of Turin has thirty years’ experience in the design and engineering of customised systems and power packs that harness fluid power to meet your specific requirements.
The company operates all over Italy.


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