Fluid power and oil-air accumulators

Accumulators for fluid power systems: functioning and advantages

Accumulators are devices that store energy received from the fluid power circuit and release this on demand. Their main function is to dampen the pressure peaks and water hammer that occur when the flow of liquid is interrupted or re-activated brusquely due to sudden closing or opening of a valve.




Sale of fluid power accumulators and related accessories

HPE stocks a broad range of fluid power accumulators available in various versions and all equipped with the related accessories.
According to customers requests, RVS can also provide a carry case for nitrogen pressure control and recharge operations.


The collaboration with some of the leading manufacturers in the sector is the best guarantee of the quality of the components for sale, suitable for the most diverse applications.

We propose the brands:
• Olaer- Parker

• Hydac

• Saip

• Epe


The HPE catalogue comprises:
• oil-air accumulators
• piston fluid power accumulators
• bladder fluid power accumulators
• vacuum switches and flow switches
• flow meters
• level indicators
• gauges
• spare accessories


The company maintains a full stock of accumulators and many other fluid power components ready for shipment. The company, belonging to the RVS group, is based in Turin, but operates nationally and internationally.


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It is based in Turin, but operates nationally and internationally.