Pressure switches

Pressure switches: how do they work?

Pressure switches are two-state (open and closed) electromechanical devices used to determine a specific pressure value of a fluid in a plant. Basically, they are controllers that regulate the pressure of the fluid within a specific pressure range. The functioning of pressure switches is characterised by two key parameters:

• activation pressure
• minimum/maximum intervention pressure

Unlike a gauge, a pressure switch does not make any measurements but is used where a change of state is necessary as pressure varies.

Pressure switches for various sectors of industry

RVS, located in Turin, furnishes pressure regulators and indicators for fluid power applications and many other sectors, also including special, harsher applications. The brands proposed are the most reliable and innovative in the sector:



With its constantly updated catalogue of pressure switches, the company has gradually earned a leading position in Italy and is able to serve numerous Italian provinces.

For information on pressure switches in stock or for an estimate, contact HPE staff at the number: 011 4031333. The company, belonging to the RVS group, is based in Turin, but operates nationally and internationally.

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It is based in Turin, but operates nationally and internationally.