Hydraulic control unit for modulated emergency/service brake actuation.

The RVS hydraulic control unit represents a cutting-edge solution for controlling the emergency/service brake within cable car systems dedicated to passenger transport.

Speed and Precision – Thanks to the integrated electronic servo valve, the control unit ensures optimal brake control with speed and precision, both in normal situations and in emergencies.

Maximum Safety – In case of power interruption, the control servo valve automatically positions itself in “fail-safe” mode, ensuring greater safety and system control.

Immediate Intervention – Dual relief valves allow for immediate brake intervention in emergency situations, ensuring maximum responsiveness and protection.

Advanced Functionality – The control panel includes auxiliary input voltage control and manual brake opening controls, offering operational flexibility in every situation.

Manual Control and Instantaneous Display – With the potentiometer for manual control of the servo valve and instantaneous absorption display, precise and immediate system control in real-time is possible.

Visual Pressure Control – The system also includes visual pressure control of the line and brake circuits, ensuring comprehensive and reliable monitoring of operational conditions.

With the RVS hydraulic control unit, you invest in the safety and efficiency of your cable car system, providing your passengers with the peace of mind to travel in total safety.


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