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RVS designs and manufactures customized products based on customer requirements, such as pump and motor test benches, test rigs for filters, software and control panels.


RVS disposes of a warehouse with a wide range of hydraulic components of the best brands for all standard applications.

RVS is the main distributor for all Casappa, Walvoil, Ikron, OMFB, Fluid-Press and Moog components; it also deals with the resale of components of numerous other brands such as Parker-Denison, Eaton-Vickers, Mahle Industrial Filtration, Fox, Eata, Moog, Argo-Hytos , Galtech, Bosch-Rexroth and Mp Filters.

RVS designs and manufactures customized products such as pumps and motors test benches, filter test benches, software and control panels, teaching units, hydraulic power units on specific customer request, hydraulic system set-ups on road vehicles (lavastrade, fire-fighting vehicles) , electric cranes).

The RVS production articles, concerning the cable way transport sector, are the hydraulic power packs for voltage control, vehicle brakes, emergency brakes and service and recovery winches.


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It is based in Turin, but operates nationally and internationally.