FlangeFlanges, fittings and pipes are essential elements in connecting the various parts of fluid power systems. A fluid power system comprises numerous connecting elements (flanges, fittings, pipes, hoses, adaptors, distribution blocks, etc.), whose quality determines system global efficiency.

It is essential, therefore, to resort to specialised companies able to furnish a broad assortment of certified items and to guide the customer in selecting the most suitable components for the various applications.

Flanges for fluid power systems

RVS, located in Turin, is a reference point for companies seeking fluid power system accessories. The company stocks flanges and components of all types and size for various applications, guaranteeing top quality products through cooperation with historical sector manufacturers such as Parker.

Types of steel flanges for fluid power systems sold:

• socket weld flanges
• 90° socket weld flanges
• counter flanges and semi flanges
• threaded flanges
• flat flanges
• welding neck flanges, etc.


The RVS catalog is able to satisfy any customer request.

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It is based in Turin, but operates nationally and internationally.