Fluid power filters

Filtri-imgHydraulic power packs are equipped with suction and discharge filters in order to eliminate impurities produced during system functioning. Fluid power system filters are, therefore, designed to trap undesired particles generated inside the systems and are of two main types:
• fabric or wire mesh surface filters
• felt, paper or sintered metal depth filters



Fluid power system filters in the RVS catalogue

RVS offers its clientele a very broad assortment of fluid power system filters of leading sector manufacturers. Our proposals also include the following brands:

• Ikron
• Mahle


The company based in Turin proposes a range of filters for fluid power circuits of all sizes and for all needs in addition to a wide choice of accessories:
• suction filters
• return line filters
• in-line filters
• filler breathers and accessories
• manual and powered self-cleaning replacement cartridges

All filters for fluid power systems comply with the corresponding ISO standards and guarantee the highest levels of efficiency.

RVS is based in Turin but operates all over Italy.

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