PompeOledinamicheimgThe range of hydraulic pumps of RVS of Turin comprises:

• gear pumps
• piston pumps
• vane pumps
• hand pumps

and related supports and accessories.
Among the pumps brands carried by RVS Company there are:

• Casappa
• Parker-Denison
• Vickers
• Galtech
• Bosh Rexroth

Functioning of hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic pumps deliver fluid at high pressure and high flow rate to various types of hydraulic devices:

• cylinders
• hydraulic motors
• valves
• accumulators

Selection of the right hydraulic pump model starts from analysis of the final application of the component.
Specialised consulting for all types of fluid power systems

RVS of Turin has the right experience to guide you in selecting the items most suitable for your needs and, with its internal warehouse, can deliver from stock most of the hydraulic pumps in the catalogues of leading manufacturers: from small, light pumps for low flow-rate/pressure applications to medium-large pumps for applications requiring high pressure and high flow rate.

The Turin based company can export his products in Italy and worldwide.

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COMMERCIAL OFFICE: Tel. 011.4031333
REGISTERED OFFICE AND COMMERCIAL DIVISION: Via Chambery 81 – 10142 Torino | Tel. 011.4031333 | Mail: rvs@rvs.it
SYSTEMS DIVISION: Via Chambery 81 – 10142 Torino | 011.4031333 | Mail: rvs@rvs.it
It is based in Turin, but operates nationally and internationally.