Impianti-FuneRVS is one of main suppliers of fluid power systems for cableways in Italy and worldwide. RVS operates on various types of systems: ski-lifts, chair lifts, cable cars, cableways, funicular railways and aerial cableways.

The company is based in Turin but operates all over Italy and on the international market.

RVS main dedicated systems are described below.

Cable tensioning systems

The tensioning control unit maintains imgFune correct tension of the cable of the chair-lift, activating the hydraulic cylinder of the system. The hydraulic power pack of the tensioning system is designed to supply oil in a pressure range of between 80 and 220 bar in such a way that the cylinder exerts a thrust of up to 300 kN.



Service and emergency brakes

The hydraulic power pack that controls the service and energy brakes, installed on the transmission side winch of the cableway, must guarantee high performance with regard to response times which are established by specific Ministerial technical regulations.





Car brake power packFreniVettura

Car brake power pack, fitted on the suspension of the car, is designed to activate the brakes present on the carriage that connects the car to the cable with very fast response times.
Activation of the power pack is fully automatic via plant safety systems.



Recovery winch

CentralinaRecuperoThe recovery power pack is designed to move the cableway in the case of failure of the normal electric motor system. The power pack is controlled electronically but manual control is envisaged for movement in particular cases of emergency.



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