RVS offers planned and customized oil-hydraulic installations upon customer request, applicable across various sectors such as industry, furniture, automation, aerospace, maritime, etc. The Turin-based company’s offerings are complemented by:

• Management software
• Control programs
• Drive software

Industrial applications in the oil-hydraulic sector

Oil-hydraulic systems are responsible for designing and constructing applications capable of transmitting mechanical power through the use of fluid. These systems find application in numerous fields. Below are the main sectors where RVS intervenes:

• Cable transport: Oil-hydraulic control units for brake control, winches, and cable tension.
• Aerospace: Test benches, final efficiency tests, and high-pressure installations (up to 1500 kW power).
• Automotive: Test benches, special instruments for production lines, machines for component production, high-pressure installations (up to 10000 kW power).
• Special machinery: Power take-offs, installations for heat treatments, cathodic electrocoating installations.
• Vehicles: Auto cranes, hydraulic lifts, special vehicles, street sweepers, and conversion of internal combustion engines to electric traction engines with kinetic energy recovery systems.
• Education: Construction of oil-hydraulic benches for teaching.
• Automation: Robots and manipulators
• Construction sector: Machines for reinforced cement production
• Waste: Compacting machines for ecological waste collection and treatment.
• Innovative materials: Machines for composite materials
• Plastic printing machines: Special injection machines
• Food industry: Machines for production and packaging
• Railways: Wagon movement control system, suspension elasticity control.
• Textile industry: Carding lines, cutting carbonization lines, and compaction lines
• Healthcare sector: Miniature oil-hydraulic control units for medical equipment, beds, medical chairs.
• Miniature hydraulics: Mini power control units, mini cylinders, and miniature oil-hydraulic motors.
• Software: Management and control software for mechanical and oil-hydraulic systems
• Oil filtration and transfer carts
• Ultra-compact oil-hydraulic control units

Power and control: The advantages of oil-hydraulic systems

The advantages of oil-hydraulic installations include a high power-to-weight ratio, precise control, quick response, and the use of almost always standard components.

In general, oil-hydraulic systems are devices that generate, transport, and use hydraulic power. RVS from Turin has forty years of experience in designing and building customized installations and power units that put oil-hydraulics at the service of your specific needs.


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