ValvoleValves for fluid power circuits are divided into two main categories:
• pressure reducing valves for control of fluid pressure that, if not controlled, may increase to a point such as to damage the pump and other components;
• directional, control and selection valves for flow rate control.

The best fluid power valves available on the market

RVS s.r.l., a leading company in the sector of fluid power systems, proposes a broad, top quality range of components for fluid power systems. Its vast product portfolio also includes fluid power valves selected amongst the most modern products of some of the best-known brands such as:

Eaton Vickers


Valves for fluid power circuits

RVS provides customers with a broad selection of fluid power valves including:

• pressure reducing valves
• pressure relief valves
• sequence valves
• automatic shutdown valves
• circuit regenerative valves
• high-low pressure exclusion valves
• one-way valves
• pilot-operated check valves
• non-pressure compensated flow control valves
• motion control valves
• one-way solenoid valves
• automatic inverters
• flow control valves

The company also constructs integrated valve manifolds.

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