MinientralineRVS, based in Turin, furnishes various types of mini power packs characterised by maximum modularity of components to offer customers maximum flexibility and versatility in designing complex systems.

RVS proposes electrically or mechanically operated 12 and 24Vdc mini power packs with emergency pump and modular design.

Its product portfolio also includes compact mini power packs with a modular system that permits numerous configurations and use in very tight spaces.

RVS can also furnish all the accessories required for customised configurations.

COMMERCIAL OFFICE: Tel. 011.4031333
REGISTERED OFFICE AND COMMERCIAL DIVISION: Via Chambery 81 – 10142 Torino | Tel. 011.4031333 | Mail:
SYSTEMS DIVISION: Via Chambery 81 – 10142 Torino | 011.4031333 | Mail:
It is based in Turin, but operates nationally and internationally.