Power Take-Offs

Preserving the power of the engine

presediforzaAn integral part of the RVS business is the resale of hydraulic components: these include the so-called power take-offs.
The power take-offs are mechanical parts mounted on the gearboxes of industrial vehicles and have the function of taking the engine power in order to transfer it to other mechanical parts such as:

• hydraulic pumps
• gears
• pistons
and also to various types of accessories and other mechanical components coupled with the motor.

Power take-offs: structure and installation

Power take- offs are installed on a splined output shaft usually located in the rear part of the vehicle and connect the internal combustion engine and the system (e.g. hydraulic equipment) fitted on the vehicle.

The company is able to offer customers a wide range of components:

• mechanical, electrical and pneumatic power take-offs
• PTO-gearbox adapters
• shafting
• flanges and sleeves
• friction clutches
• couplings
• tow support
• flange and universal joint kit
• accessories

RVS can ship these products from stock; the power take-offs proposed by the company will contribute to minimising the down-time of your vehicles.

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