Hydraulic accumulators are normally used to compensate for leakage in hydraulic systems where it is necessary for the pressure to remain constant, as an energy reserve, as impulse dampers or as volume compensators in the event of thermal variations.


A number of factors must be considered when you select the accumulator:



– the maximum pressure indicated should never be exceeded and, taking into account possible temperature increases, the working pressure should be approx. 80% of the maximum working pressure of the accumulator;

– in order to ensure optimum work of the hydraulic accumulator, the minimum working pressure should be approx. 10% higher than the pre-charge pressure of the accumulator;

– the volume of oil available should be analysed in each individual case.


In our workshop we can carry out:

– testing, pre-charging and recharging using a nitrogen compressor

– rapid repair and replacement of bladders thanks to the wide availability of spare parts

– maintenance service and pre-charge control by the customer

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