Overhaul and assistance

Overhaul of machine tools, Overhaul of cylinders, Overhaul of mechanical equipment, Modifications to industrials vehicles and construction machinery , Installation of remote Wi-Fi control and supervision indicators on industrial plants and unattended test benches, Testing and commissioning of industrial plants, Installation of machine wiring at Customers or their application sites. Industry 4.0 documentation management.



Fluid analysis

Patch test (Laboratory Analysis); PLC 3000 (Contaminating Particles Counter and Fluid Analysis at customer site); Portable filtration systems


Plant maintenance, customised maintenance to specific requirements with scheduled operating plan.
Construction of fluid power and electronic component kits
Modifications to electric, electronic control panels and to activation software

COMMERCIAL OFFICE: Tel. 011.4031333
REGISTERED OFFICE AND COMMERCIAL DIVISION: Via Chambery 81 – 10142 Torino | Tel. 011.4031333 | Mail: rvs@rvs.it
SYSTEMS DIVISION: Via Chambery 81 – 10142 Torino | 011.4031333 | Mail: rvs@rvs.it
It is based in Turin, but operates nationally and internationally.