Heat exchangers for cooling of fluid power circuits

In fluid power systems, heat exchangers  play an essential role in limiting temperature increase of the working fluid and in promoting exchange of heat with air or water but can also be used to increase the temperature of the fluid.
RVS of Turin is a leading company in the sale of components for fluid power systems: its product portfolio also comprises a bread choice of heat exchangers of excellent brands:






The range of heat exchangers

The catalogue of company based in Turin comprises exchangers for fluid power circuits of various types and for different requirements:

• air-oil/oil-water exchangers  – to drawing
• independent cooling systems, both standard and to drawing
• air condensers for freon systems
• driers for cooling cycle plants
• brazed plate exchangers
• gasketed plate exchangers (inspectionable)

Not only exchangers for fluid power systems

The quality and variety of its products have earned RVS a position as one of the most renowned Italian companies in the fluid power sector, able to serve all of Italy and to provide personalised consulting services and technical assistance. The company, belonging to the RVS group, is based in Turin, but operates nationally and internationally.

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It is based in Turin, but operates nationally and internationally.