Pressure transducers

TrasduttoriIn the fluid power sector as in other fields, measurement of fluid pressure plays a major role in determining plant efficiency and safety. Automated control of the pressure of the fluid inside the plant is made possible by devices such as pressure transmitters and the pressure transducers.

Pressure measurement and control devices

RVS s.r.l. designs and sells pressure transducers and transmitters for various applications (hydraulics, fluid power, industrial motors, pumps and compressors, etc.), characterised by high level compactness and precision.

The catalogue of the company based in Turin comprises a complete range of certified products of leading sector manufacturers able to cater to all customer requirements:
• pressure transducers
• differential pressure transducers
• pressure transducers for high temperatures
• pressure transducers with indicator
• pressure transducers for low measurement ranges
• multi-scale pressure transducers

… and also a vast assortment of pressure indicators, pressure transmitters, pressure switches and visual and electric level indicators.

We propose transducers of the following brands:
• Bosch Rexroth
• Fox
• Keller
• Trafag

The staff of the company based in the Province of Turin will furnish detailed information regarding the devices sold and also furnish personalised consulting.


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It is based in Turin, but operates nationally and internationally.