Cylinders for fluid power systems

Cylinders for hydraulic motors

In fluid power systems, the cylinders perform the function of actuators as they transform the energy produced by the pump and transported by the fluid into mechanical energy. Hydraulic cylinders, basically very similar to pneumatic cylinders, play a major role in the construction of both fluid power and hydraulic motors and systems.
A full range of cylinders for fluid power systems
RVS fluid power cylinders, designed and manufactured according to extremely high production standards and with different operating pressures, guarantee unequalled efficiency The catalogue of the Turin-based company, a reference point in the fluid power sector, comprises:

• compact fluid power block cylinders
• mechanical lock fluid power cylinders
• tie-rod fluid power cylinders
• built-in fluid power cylinders


Standard fluid power cylinders and to drawing

With its high level of specialisation, RVS is able to design and engineer cylinders for all types of industrial applications, tailored to meet customers’ specific requirements.

The company’s staff is available to create special cylinders based on the customer’s design, with the guarantee of a reliable and personalized service.

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It is based in Turin, but operates nationally and internationally.